He flew high, fell deep, and landed on his feet


Karl Müller has had his share of ups and downs, both professionally and in his private life. Müller is now back on the road to success, with kybun acquiring the naming rights for the FC St. Gallen stadium.

kybun Tower in Roggwil is a striking figure, visible from a long distance. Automatic sliding doors, which welcome each visitor in all of the world’s languages, lead into the lobby of the company headquarters. What used to be a silo has been converted into an office tower, in which you cannot find a single chair. We therefore conduct our interview with the company founder Karl Müller while standing.

A great deal has already been written about the Roggwil native, whose life has been marked by highs and lows. He was a successful entrepreneur in Korea until he began to find the business world too overwhelming. He then decided to move back to Switzerland with his wife in search of a more tranquil life. Being a self-starter, he opened a drug rehabilitation centre and invented the MBT shoe before selling his company shares and losing the money while speculating in the stock market. He now sees himself as a reformed business owner, and kybun is on the road to success under his leadership.

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