Make everyday life more active with a kybun mat

Long-lasting PU material Trampoline effect & instability Washable cover

The unique floating feeling

The kybun mat is an elastic springy mat like no other. Its reactive rebound-effect allows the foot to sink in deep and springs straight back to its original position. The kybun mat encourages the body into constant, minute movements to maintain balance and posture. The rebound-effect causes the muscles to tense and relax simultaneously, exercising the muscles in your feet, legs and trunk. The kybun mat improves your balance, coordination and all-round fitness without taking up any extra time at all.

  • exercises your muscles
  • relaxes your back
  • kind on the joints
  • improves posture
  • reduces fatigue

kybun mat Pyramid 80x60x6cm

The kybun Pyramid mat has a unique coating which makes it waterproof and easy to clean. Be it for work or exercise – the kybun Pyramid mat comes in a compact size, making it versatile with bevelled edges to help reduce the risk of falling in everyday situations.

The kybun Pyramid mat is the ideal exercise technique for home or office:

  • Compact size makes it extremely versatile
  • Bevelled edges reduce the risk of falling in everyday situations
  • Unique coating ensures hygiene
  • Top quality design




kybun mat colour: Bordeaux | Anthracite

kybun mat with (removable) fabric cover | kybun mat Plus with rubber coating in Silver
available in the following sizes:

46 x 46 cm with a thickness of 2 cm, 4 cm and 6 cm
96 x 46 cm with a thickness of 2 cm, 4 cm and 6 cm

From passive sitting to active standing

Whether you are doing the ironing or working on the computer, the kybun mat is good fun and makes everyday life more active. Amateur and professional sports people also use the soft, springy mat to exercise and regenerate. Click on the situation you are interested in to find out how you can stay fit and healthy with the kybun mat.

kybun mat Plus with rubber coating: Stand comfortably on a soft surface while wearing shoes or safety shoes (steel toe shoes)

The kybun mat with rubber coating has a thickness of 2 cm and is ideal if your everyday work requires you to spend long periods of time standing on hard surfaces – if you stand at a bank counter or a sales counter, or if you wear safety shoes and stand at a workbench. The elastic springy kybun mat Plus relieves the strain on your whole body, protects your joints and prevents leg fatigue. Thanks to its special coating, it is water repellent and easy to clean. This means it can be used when wearing shoes. Nevertheless, it should not be exposed to permanently wet conditions, aggressive fluids or (hot) swarf.

Which thickness is right for me?

kybun mat 2cm – For therapy and rehabilitation (learning to walk again)

kybun mat 4cm – For individuals with equilibrium problems or dizziness, senior citizens, children, and individuals with injuries.

kybun mat 6cm – For general daily use: in training, at home, or at the office.

Basic principle: the thicker the mat, the more intense the training effect of standing on the kybun mat.

Opinions/customer testimonials

Gabriele Kastner, headmaster Falkschule, Germany

Gabriele Kastner, headmaster Falkschule, Germany

Studies to this end have shown that learning while standing also makes students more attentive. What’s great is that we also have a cushion along with each desk:the kybun mat. The kybun mat is soft as a feather, but you don’t sink into it. You stand on the cushion in a very relaxed way. While you stand on it, you need to constantly balance out the wobbliness, so to speak. That means you have to check whether you’re standing upright, which activates a large number of muscle groups. In turn, activating these muscle groups also activates your brain, which actually increases your attentiveness. You’d think it would be the other way around, but standing makes the kids pay much better attention.

Cetin Köksal, professional musician, Switzerland

Cetin Köksal, professional musician, Switzerland

When you consider that a heart attack is rated ten on the pain scale, then I would rate my pain at three or four. Since I’ve started using the kybun mat, I can safely say that I have zero pain.

Urs Leuenberger, choirmaster, Switzerland

Urs Leuenberger, choirmaster, Switzerland

I haven't exercised much on the kybun mat, as I was sitting at the piano. But when I stood on it, it was good. It does me good. I noticed it again, too; you're constantly moving about.