Wieder Freude an Bewegung mit dem kybun Laufband

Rediscover the joy of being active with the kybun treadmill

Exercise is the best medicine and a pre-requisite for a healthy life. Walking and running is the most natural form of exercise.

The rebound effect promotes reciprocal muscle tension and relaxation. This optimises the training effect for the leg, feet, back and core body muscles while improving balance and coordination. If you are on the move a lot every day or suffer from degenerative joint diseases, one of the best solutions around is the kybun treadmill. It is easy on your joints and trains your fine motor skills while improving your performance with every step you take.

[Translate to Korean:] kybun WALKOLUTION (MTD900R)


Dimensions and data treadmill:

  • Running surface 146 × 44 cm
  • Max. user weight 160 kg
  • Width treadmill 60 cm
  • Weight 70 kg, with backrest and handrail 79 kg

Dimensions and data of table top (integrated):

  • Width 77 cm or 110 cm
  • Depth 66 cm (depth adjustable)
  • Height frame available in S, M, L, XL (see size chart)

Dimensions and data of freestanding table:

  • Width 110 cm or 140 cm
  • Depth 66 cm
  • Adjustment range height 100 cm to 150 cm (manually by quick crank)

Walking and running like on a forest floor

The worldwide unique treadmill surface with elastic springy slats and wooden substructure is built in close cooperation with the Swiss market leader for orthopedic shoes and physiotherapy kybun (formerly MBT) and was brought to perfection in more than 2 years of research & development.

The impulse-active compression zone of the kybun material allows the foot to sink in to different depths from slat to slat on impact, ensuring optimal springback and a constantly slightly changing load. You walk or run as if on a soft forest floor. The patented special construction, which is also used by kybun in the world-famous kybun standing mats, has been tested and certified by the IGR Institute for Health and Ergonomics, among others.



세계에서 가장 부드러운 러닝벨트

부드러운 러닝벨트와 미세간격은 kyTrainer 독특하게 만든다. 속도와 경사를 15 간격(미세간격)으로 변경할 있어 근육의 과잉 젖산 축적을 막을 있다. 80개가 넘는 프로그램으로 운동을 다양하게 있으며 정상급 선수들과 운동 초보자들도 똑같은 효과를 누릴 있다.

kyDesk kyTrainer 이용하면 시간 낭비없이 운동을 있다. 간격을 보통으로 설정하면 노트북에서 작업하고 통화를 하거나 편지를 읽을 있다. kyDesk 역기를 있도록 조절할 있어 어려움 없이 운동을 있다.

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